Private CAP Security

Private CAP Security™ provides tailored ethical military services to commercial business partners, fugitive recovery agencies, and other enforcement and military actors.

Our services include protection, consultancy, training, and comprehensive risk management solutions. We have a unique background in providing detailed risk analysis for organisations with specialist needs, affording partners a unique opportunity to strengthen their overall security posture and enable lucrative ventures that might otherwise be impractical.

Are you looking for immediate assistance? Look no further than our Rapid Response™ service. We'll put together a response package as soon as we receive your request and our specialists will sort out the invoice later. Individuals and organisations licensed under The Convoy™ receive priority and discounted rates.

Did you know? PCS continues to provide on-going consultancy services to the UEE Advocacy under the seal of the High Advocate after three years of successful partnership.

Every service we offer is tailored to meet our partner requirements. Contact to let us know your needs and establish a partnership today.

Protective Services

We offer a range of protective services for corporations looking to protect their mercantile assets and ensure employees and cargo can operate freely. You provide the scenario and we provide the necessary assets and people. Mobile, static, close, or holistic, we are confident we can provide you with a solution.

Security Consultancy

We offer comprehensive risk management solutions to organisations faced with the daunting task of operating in unsafe markets. By levering our relationships with major military organisations we can take you from a business concept to successful execution whilst minimising the risks and ensuring business continuity. Get in touch with your blue sky plans and we will turn them in to a workable, profitable, reality.

Learn about how Private CAP Security™ do business in our interview with Star Citizen News.

If you're interested in joining, just contact Rushyo (@Rushyo) or say hello on our thread at Roberts Space Industries.

We communicate using Facebook, Ventrilo, and our private discussion group internally and we have a (new) publicly available Reddit too.

Private Escrow Services™ provides escrow services for mercantile transactions, specialising in handling charges for contractual services.

PES is governed by the authority of the UEE Independent Arbitrator's Guild, bound by contract to fulfil their service agreements. This provides clients of Private CAP Security™, and other service providers who use PES, with piece of mind that their money will only be transferred in the event of successful execution of contracts and any disputes will be subject to fair and impartial arbitration.

Private CAP Security™ Rapid Response™ services are not available to the general public at the current time. Have you considered our other services?

Private CAP Security™ is proud to be independently certified as conforming to ISO 42001:2942, a standard designed by the Interstellar Standards Organisation to regulate private security contractors operating in complex environments.

ISO 42001:2942 measures and ensures:

  • Leadership
  • Management and governance
  • Recognition of and active respect for human and non-human rights
  • Selection, screening and vetting of personnel and sub-contracted organisations
  • Training of local and international personnel and maintenance of training records
  • Procurement, licensing and management of armaments
  • Management, reporting and documenting of incidents
  • Company grievance processes
  • Systems to comply with interstellar law and applicable regulations

Conformance with these governance requirements demonstrates Private CAP Security's on-going commitment to providing high-quality, ethical services in all areas of its business endeavours, from management through to individual pilots and security personnel.

Private CAP Security™ signs MMRO contract with Aegis Dynamics

TERRA III, Tuesday, April 7th, 2945 - Private CAP Security™ (PCS) has awarded an MMRO contract to Aegis Dynamics (AD), establishing a Modification, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul capability for a sizable portion of their fleet, including an ex-military Idris-M Frigate.

"The signing of this contract will allow us to better control inherent risk and ensure predictable maintenance costs, enabling us to provide our clients with enhanced, stable pricing options" notes Mikhayl Ruzhyo, Managing Director of Private CAP Security. "By removing unnecessary logistical disruptions we can ensure consistent up-time for our services, in particular our unique Rapid Response™ program."

"Our aftermarket program provides lifetime support to our most valued customers, enabling efficient operation of Aegis Dynamics hardware and maintaining our standards of excellence throughout UEE space" said an Aegis Dynamics spokesperson, adding, "We are delighted to add Private CAP Security to our growing client base, and look forward to providing our services long in to the future."

About Private CAP Security

Private CAP Security's roster includes a variety of Aegis Dynamics craft, including a former UEEN Idris-M Frigate and multiple 2945-model B4G Retaliator heavy bombers fresh off the production line. Private CAP Security provides tailored ethical military services to commercial business partners, fugitive recovery agencies, and other enforcement and military actors. Learn more about Private CAP Security's services at

About Aegis Dynamics

Aegis Dynamics began life in a merger between Earth-based Aegis Macrocomputing and Davien-based Dynamic Production Systems and is now a galactic leader in the design, manufacture, and service of both civilian and military spacecraft. To learn more about Aegis Dynamics, simply search 'Aegis Dynamics' on your mobiGlas (or compatible) device.

This press release contains forward-looking statements concerning future business opportunities. Actual results may differ materially from those projected as a result of certain risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to changes in UEE procurement priorities and practices, budget plans and availability of funding, and in the number of spacecraft to be built; challenges in the design, development, production and support of advanced technologies; as well as other risks and uncertainties.